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Dehydrated Egg Whites - our company: high quality, exclusive production of bakery mixes powders

our company is leader in the field of dehydrated egg whites and particularly in the manufacture of spray dried powdered egg whites for clarifying wine among other uses. On our website you can browse through the vast catalog of applications in manufacturing survival food and bakery mixes.

Spray Drying Systems and dehydrated egg whites

The complete specialization of our company in the field of bakery mixes means we are dedicated to providing the best input for each type of production, thus supplying spray dried products that fit every requirement. Here you will find information about the production of powdered egg whites and the dehydrated egg whites techniques for manufacturing clarifying wine.

Clarifying Wine and Survival Food: powdered egg whites based products

our company was born in 1993 as one of the most innovative realities of the country in the dehydrated egg whites industry and that of bakery mixes. Our staff will help you identify the grade of dried egg whites that best meets your needs. The best results are obtained through our in-house designed albumen powder processing systems, aimed at providing great ingredients for you.

Trusted bakery mixes and survival food

Trust our company with all your requests of inputs for bakery mixes, you will find a highly professional and qualified staff, with vast experience in dehydrated egg whites and spray drying systems. Check right now the vast range of applications such as in survival food.

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